Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the stupidest shit i've seen in a while

so apparently, some puttz claims that the face of jesus, yes that's right, the messiah, can be seen in the wood grain of this guitar. here is the link to the video.

my response to the video:

are your fucking eyes crippled? or did you crack your back and have an acid flashback right when you looked at this guitar?
it doesn't resemble the face of jesus one bit!
oh wait i know!!!!
you wanted to sell the guitar for $900 dollars!
that's right folks!
for only $900 dollars you can own a washburn :s acoustic guitar with a fucking lego head looking face of jesus in the wood grain.

i bet when you strike a chord on that guitar, an orchestra manifests itself out of thin air and accompanies you.

also, if you pour water in it and dump it back out, low and behold..........

.....boone's farm.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome one and all to my blog, The Unholy Ghost. This is the first post of many more to come. This is more of an introduction as to what this blog will be about.
Over the years of my life, I have been exposed to various acts of hate, perversion, lies, murder, and utter and complete confusion. I was raised being forced to go to church. As I sat there listening to the pastor preach, so many questions ran through my mind.
"How can you prove god's existence?"
"Why are there so many people in the world suffering?"
As I looked around the congregation, I noticed so many of these sunday christians sitting there, with the halo on a stick above their head. Kids that I went to high school with whom, come monday, are right back to popping pills and other sorts of various "non-christian" acts.
I just could not understand what this world was coming to. How many other religions are in the world? I mean hell, L. Ron Hubbard created his own religion that has pretty much brainwashed a huge part of the population. It's rediculous to think that humanity came from anything more than evolution.
Every living thing on this planet is an OBVIOUS product of evolution. Everything reproduces the same way. That right there provides an extremely logical explanation for life.
The Unholy Ghost will provide information, my thoughts, and anything else to try and dis-prove the existence of any higher power whatsoever. So check back on this blog often as I will be updating almost daily with anything I feel is great enough to put on here. And if I offend you with any posts, sorry, move along and don't read it anymore. I really do not care about offending any type of religious person since I am offended every day by RELIGIOUS folk.
So take care and may SCIENCE bless you! hahahaha.